Creating the purrfect pad for your cat

As every cat owner knows, these very special pets are a breed apart. Naturally curious and fussy, they need to be treated well and with a lot of consideration for their needs. Follow these handy hints and you'll have the perfect pad set up in no time.

Getting about

A see-through catflap is ideal, and a heavy rush mat in your doorway will be fairly cheap and great for muddy paws (and feet!). Your cat will love sharpening her claws on it too!

Coping with claws

Speaking of sharpening claws, why not give your cat even more fun by introducing a scratching post into your home? With a bit of luck, it might provide a distraction from pulling at your carpet – or even curtains. When it comes to carpets, the best type is cut pile, which can't be pulled at quite as easily as loop pile, and which won't allow too much hair to build up. A good tip to remember is: the higher the wool content, the better.

A hairy situation

Cat hairs may be a nuisance, but they do have positive uses. Your can encourage your cat to use a new cat bed, for instance, by brushing her and putting her hair on the bed. The same applies for a new cat blanket.

Thinking of your own bed, you'll do your cat a favour if you don't choose all divans for your home. Traditional beds, which are raised above the floor, provide a natural retreat and hiding place underneath.

Safety in windows

If you don't have a garden, but you are lucky enough to have a balcony, remember to make it cat-safe simply by installing fine mesh or trellis. It won't ruin your view, but it will mean you can sit out in the sun, reassured that your cat won't come to any harm.

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