Watch out for household poisons

Even if your cat doesn't spend much time exploring the outside world, she can still come a cropper in your house.  Some items that you consider harmless can actually be quite deadly for your cat. Obviously, she can't read the "Danger" label on dangerous products. So, be sure these items are nowhere near where your cat can get at them, and clean any spills up right away. Remember that cats are very curious animals, and they love to investigate everything - especially when there's no-one at home to play with.

Here's a list of household items you'll need to keep out of her reach:

Garden supplies

Insecticides and fertilisers are very dangerous.


Many plants are toxic. Ask your local nursery for complete information about any plants you buy. When in doubt, keep the plants well out of your cat's reach.


As little as one teaspoon can cause kidney damage and worse in a small cat. So clean up spills quickly and thoroughly.

Over-the-counter medications for humans

Please don’t give medicines to your cat unless they're prescribed by your vet . Many human medicines can be very dangerous for cats. Paracetamol will poison a cat, stay-awake preparations can cause convulsions and externally used local anaesthetic can cause anaemia.

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