How are her eyes and ears?

Your cat's eyes and ears have a lot to contend with. Bits of dust from inside the house, as well as all sorts of flakes and flecks of debris from outside can cause her a lot of discomfort.

Healthy eyes

If you think your cat has picked up an eye irritation, there's a lot you can do at home by yourself without having to go to the vet.

1. Gently pull down her lower eyelid. The area here should be pink.

2. Check if her pupils are normal size.

3. Stand with her next to a window during the day and check how her pupils react when you open and close the curtains. Any unusual reaction could pinpoint a problem.

4. If her eyes are producing a coloured discharge, or watering more than usual, she might have picked up an infection.

Healthy ears

As with her eyes, you can carry out some really quick and easy checks on your cat to make sure her ears are healthy.

1. Are her ears a brighter pink than usual? If so, this could be a problem.

2. Make sure you keep her ears clean and free of dirt. Any strong odours could indicate an infection.

3. Check for wax, especially dark wax, which may be a sign of ear mites or infection.

Visit your vet if you find any problems with your pet's eyes or ears.

If any of your eye or ear checks reveal anything unusual, take her to the vet for a full check-up.

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