Is she overweight, a bit tubby or just right?

Cats love food. Which is fine; we all do, right? The difficulty comes with her ability to make you want to give her more than she needs. We all know how difficult it is to resist that pleading look and those big eyes, so every now and then it's best to check her out to make sure she hasn't been overdoing it.

Give her a home check-up

Most obviously, you can weigh her. Just step up on your scales with her in your arms and subtract your weight from that of the two of you combined.

You can also keep an eye out for changes in her body weight by standing above her and checking for a slight "waist" behind her ribs. If you're still not sure, place both your hands on her sides. Can you feel her ribs? Then she's at her ideal weight (but if they're sticking out she's too thin!).

Look out for pouches of fat between her hind legs and under her belly too.

Dealing with an overweight cat

If she's starting to look a little on the podgy side, your vet can probably suggest a diet plan. It's time to put a stop to all those treats and snacks, and, since it's better for her to eat little and often (rather than gorging on a feast), see how she feels about having four small meals a day instead of two bigger ones. Make sure she gets some exercise too. It's best to ease her in with short bursts of activity, gradually adding five minutes here and there until eventually she's able to do a full workout.

And if she's underweight?

Make sure you follow your vet's advice when it comes to how much, and how often, to feed your cat. If she's still underweight and you're not sure why, she could be poorly. Take her back to the vet for a check-up and you'll get all the advice you need.

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