Vaccinations, boosters, worming sessions, fleas… make sure you know how to keep your cat healthy.

Is she overweight, a bit tubby or just right?

Cats love food. Which is fine; we all do, right? The difficulty comes with her ability to make you want to give her more than she needs.

How are her eyes and ears?

Your cat's eyes and ears have a lot to contend with. Bits of dust from inside the house, as well as all sorts of flakes and flecks of debris from outside can cause her a lot of discomfort.

How do I cope with an allergy to cats?

The obvious answer is: stay away from them! But if you're a cat lover, you'll be pleased to know there are ways to make things a lot easier:

Skin and ear care

If your cat's spending a lot of time shaking her head or scratching at her ear, or if there's some goo coming out, she might have an infection.

Taking your cat to the vets

The vet is your best friend if you're caring for a cat for the very first time. If your cat ever shows any signs of being poorly, don't panic!
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