A noisy cat

Most cats like to chat, but there's a difference between friendly interaction and keeping you up all night! If your life's being interrupted and disturbed due to a noisy cat, here's what you can do to help:

Show her the door.

Some cats can never make up their minds: when they're inside they ask to go out, and when they're outside they beg to come in. The simple answer is a cat flap. She'll soon learn how to use it, and come and go as she pleases.

Get on schedule

Feeding times can be a touchy subject with cats. To make sure yours isn't being left hungry, try to follow our feeding guides, or consider leaving dry food out for her to nibble at all day long. It's best to feed your cat at the same times each day. Once she gets used to the schedule, she'll realise there's no need to remind you.

Give her extra cuddles

Frequent miaowing is often a cry for attention, so make sure you give her the occasional stroke. It's also useful if you can find time to set up a game you can play together. Remember, quality time isn't her just sitting on your lap while you watch TV.

Draw the line

While most cats will chatter less once they get what they're asking for, others won't give up. Whatever you do, don't encourage her. Even if you hold out as long as you can but then respond, you're just teaching her that the longer she miaows, the more likely she'll get your attention. However hard it is, it’s best to ignore her.

Reward good behaviour

Just as it's important to ignore her when she's talking, you'll also want to praise her when she's quiet. Wait until she stops her racket and tell her what a good girl she is. Then give her a treat, or stroke her and play with her.

Help her to relax

In some cases, constant crying is a sign of boredom, or stress. Toys will work wonders, especially if they're of a sort which keeps her mentally challenged. Many pet shops now stock cat track; simple games with an enclosed ball, which are stimulating and help develop stamina.

Maybe she's poorly

While most miaowing is a cry for attention, in some cases it means your cat is unwell, or in pain, and needs the care of a vet. Noting what your cat is doing when she cries can provide clues as to what the problem is. If she miaows when eating, for example, she could have tender teeth or difficulty swallowing. Similarly, miaowing in the litter box could mean she's constipated, or is having trouble urinating.  If you’re worried take her to the vet.

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