Will she play fetch?

Playing with your cat is not only a great way to keep her stimulated and fit but just as importantly it will strengthen the bond between her and you. Now most cats don't fetch, at least not like dogs. But some cats do actually start spontaneously fetching toys and bringing them to their owners to throw so they can run and fetch. Other cats will have to learn a more "cat-like" version of the game. As you might expect, it'll have to be done on their terms. Here's how you can coax your cat to fetch:

Getting started

Pick a small toy that your cat really likes. Something small, light and easy to throw. Call her name. She might pretend she doesn't know it, but she does. Throw the toy up and down a bit, catch it yourself. Play with it. Jiggle it. Have some fun with it.

Is your cat watching? If so, keep going. If not, give the game up.

Keep the toy visible, sit in a chair and throw it so that it lands near your cat. Let her play with it. Just as she's about to get bored, call her while you're still seated. If your cat looks, go to the toy, pick it up and return to your chair.

From your chair, do the throwing routine again. Keep this up for about 10 minutes or so, twice a day.

Make it fun

Some cats will get the idea and start bringing the toy back to you. Once they know it's a game, you can add a bit more fun - try throwing the toy behind obstacles to make her hunt for it. She'll enjoy the added challenge.

Every cat is different and some just won't enjoy the idea of fetch. If yours isn't that thrilled by the game, at least you'll get lots of exercise trying to get her involved.

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