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Then you've come to the right place. Read on for our FAQs, and if you still can't find your answer you can ask us directly instead.

What do I get when I register to Grow with Whiskas®?

  • Regular emails guiding you and your kitten through her first year
  • Access to all sorts of advice and info on our website, including video footage of our kittens

Should I give my cat dry or wet food?

That depends. Dry food's great for tooth cleaning, and wet food's succulent and delicious and helps prevent bladder stones. They're both wonderful. You might like to try sprinkling a little dry food into her wet meal.

How do I know if my cat's a kitten, an adult or a senior?

Our classification is:

Kitten: <1 year
Adult: 1 - 8 years
Senior: >8 years

If you're not sure which Whiskas® product to give your cat, check our advice guides.

Do I need to cook Whiskas® meals?

No, our chefs have already taken care of all that. You just need a bowl, some means of opening the product, and a hungry cat. Best read through the instructions on the back of each meal before you open it for the first time, though.

Should I put any unused meals in the fridge after opening?

Yes. We recommend you finish up any meals within four days of opening. Don't give it back to her straight from the fridge, though - cats don't generally like cold food. Leave it out for a short while first so it reaches room temperature.

My cat adores Whiskas® snacks and treats - can she eat them every mealtime?

Whiskas® snacks and treats, like Whiskas® Temptations, provide loads of great nutrients, like protein, fibre and vitamins. They're still no substitute for a proper meal, though. Whatever her age, your cat needs a properly balanced diet, and she'll get this from Whiskas® Cans, Pouches, and Dry.

Do I need to keep Whiskas® Cat Milk in the fridge after opening?

You do indeed. It'll be fine in the fridge for about a week, though make sure you bring it up to room temperature before giving it to her.

How should I store Whiskas® meals?

Make sure you keep your Whiskas® products in a cool, dry place, away from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Keep dry meals out of humid areas (i.e. away from the washer, dryer or fridge) and anything with a strong smell (i.e. detergent, fertiliser). It's best to store dry products in a plastic container, though still inside the original packaging.

How do I claim my money back?

If you have recently purchased one of our promotional Whiskas® Adult 12 Pouch packs and are not satisfied that your cat liked it, then you can claim your money back.

To claim your refund you'll need to download and fill in this claim form. Then just send it to us, along with your original till receipt and the bar code from the bottom of the pack and we'll happily send you a refund if everything's in order.

Forms should be received by 31st December 2009 or within 30 days of the date of purchase, whichever is sooner.

Please make sure you've read through the full Terms & Conditions before you send us this form.

We're sorry your cat didn't enjoy their Whiskas® meal. We hope you'll consider trying out the different flavours in our range - they're really very tasty.

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