Whiskas® Kitten Pouches

At first, your little one will have gotten all she needed from her mother's milk, but soon enough it'll be up to you to make sure she's getting the right balance of nutrients each mealtime.

Kittens need nutrients like vitamin A for eyesight, vitamin E for a shiny coat, calcium for strong bones and teeth, proteins for general growth and lots of calories for energy. So that's exactly what you'll find in a Whiskas® Kitten Pouch.

Of course, she's more interested in the taste than the nutrients, so she'll be glad to know that each pouch contains gently cooked, succulent chunks of meat, carefully prepared with all the essential nutrients your little one needs to help her grow big and strong.

Whiskas® Kitten Gravy Comes in lamb, poultry, duck or rabbit 12 Pack 100g pouches per pack
Whiskas® Kitten Jelly Comes in turkey, tuna, cod or chicken 12 Pack 100g pouches per pack
Whiskas® Kitten Fish in Jelly Comes in salmon, whitefish, cod or tuna 12 Pack 100g pouches per pack
Whiskas Simply Steamed Fish for Kittens Sardine, Salmon, Tuna & Whitefish 12 Pack 85g pouches per pack
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