Whiskas® Pouches Senior

When your cat's culinary requirements are less suited to tough, crunchy foods, and she's ready to settle into a more suitable diet, Whiskas® Pouches Senior make a great, tasty meal.


Each pouch contains easily digestible goodness, providing all the extra vitamins and minerals she'll need to keep that special bounce in her step. Each bite is packed with sunflower oil and vitamins to keep her coat healthy, and calcium to keep her bones strong. As with all our pouches, each meal is foil packed for freshness and maximum taste.

Whiskas® Senior Gravy Comes in whitefish, poultry, lamb and rabbit 12 Pack 100g pouches per pack
Whiskas® Senior Jelly Comes in lamb, poultry, chicken and rabbit 12 Pack 100g pouches per pack
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